Saturday, May 12, 2007

Activity! (& the rest of 2006 in gigs)
I have decided to finally make use of this blog which i first adopted a couple of years back but have done nothing with until now. i usually just use my myspace blog - but that gets rid of posts over time and so i wanted to have a more of a permanent record. so this blast of posts has been me doing some backdating. and here are the final shots now which i posted to myspace during 2006 which have since been lost to the ether.

I would do it in chronological order but don't think my memory is that good. . .instead, here it is kind-of alphabetically: barzin at the brud, be your own pet at the pit, clap your hands say yeah at sheffield leadmill, giant drag at the well, gregor samsa at the brud, iliketrains at the fav, shut your eyes at nastyfest, at tapes'n'tapes at the fav, the noisettes at middlesbrough music live and let's finish of with the russians at truck!


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