Tuesday, November 06, 2007

editors & october gigs. . .
good-gigs-a-plenty last month. didn't have my camera at all of them. but i did take some shots of editors. . .

full set here, along with shots of the support band the kissaway trail here.
other sets with a few photos of how i became the bomb (strange band name. slightly strange looking band. and some good tunes. . . i enjoyed this lot. from alabama or thereabouts i do believe) and ox.eagle.lion.man (not so odd looking. not so memorable) here and here.
other leeds gigs i went to but didn't shoot: stephanie dosen (with support from jacob golden and laura groves) at the adelphi on light night, iron&wine, fionn regan. . . must be some others but can't think. . .

i also saw cowboy junkies at the royal albert hall which was a bit special. it was the 'trinity sessions revisited' gig with ryan adams and thea gilmore. i actually cried during 'i'm so lonesome i could cry' when margo timmins, ryan and thea all sung a bit (and not because i was lonesome. . .just one of those moments that makes your hairs stand on end). one solitary pic here. i have a v dubious recording of my favourite ever cj's song 'the sun comes up, it's tuesday morning' which i might work out how to get on youtube one day. actually, just watch this instead if ya fancy.


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