Monday, January 24, 2011

efterklang / vincent moon / an island

amsterdam screening: 17 feb 2011

(pic: the official film poster)

after having encountered efterklang a couple of times and vincent moon's work many times (via his takeaway shows on the wonderful la blogotheque), i'm happy that one of my first musical-related events that i'm involved with this year is to organise a screening of the film which was the outcome of this collaboration between the band and the filmmaker over four days next summer.

this screening takes place in amsterdam on thursday 17 february at 18.00. for more details, see:

this date also coincides with the band playing the first night of the cross-linx festival. and so this - in some way - kind-of makes up for the fact that i won't get to see the band on any of the cross-linx festival dates. although of course, no doubt it will make me wish moreso that i *had* made it to the festival... now... i wonder if there's a train that will get me to utrecht in time after the screening? ;-) 

[edit#1: i decided to chance it and buy a ticket to the festival in utrecht, as it turns out it wasn't an impossible dream trainwise]

[edit#2: in the end i didn't actually make it to the festival (logistics didn't quite work out), but my ticket went with a new friend frits whom i met at the film screening, which was very brilliant by the way - the official photo of the amsterdam screening can be seen in the official flickr set here; and shots from the festival can be found online from the official photographer (dennis stempher) for the efterklang appearance at the cross-linx festival - full description on dennis' site here]



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