Saturday, December 01, 2007

november - my favourite month?
november was good. i don't ever remember november being my favourite month ever before. i seemed happy for a lot of it. maybe that's because there were lots of good gigs on. maybe it was because i had my first holiday abroad this year. or maybe it was just cos i was . . . umm . . . happy.
gigwise: there were noisy gigs, and quiet gigs, and gigs at home and away, and bands from home, and from away (scandinavian bands featured highly towards the end it would seem).
it started off good and noisy - with the russians/this et al in bradford. then nastyfest was my favourite ever. next it was my favourite gig of the year (beirut).

then my favourite holiday of the year to zurich to see edith/chris and to see iliketrains. that's when the music started to get quieter i suppose . . . and then the next weekend i was introduced to the music of simon joyner (from the 'last day of kodachrome' film).

and finally came lay low and adjagas (wow), then efterklang (not so wow, but still good) and finishing with the wonderful jens lekman. i'd wanted to see him play all year - and had hoped to get to norway to see him at one point - but in the end i didn't have to travel as far, thanks to jethro getting him to come and play in a church. more photos will be added to my flickr soon.

for now, i must go pack my life up. enough reminiscing about november. onwards with december! x


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