Tuesday, March 15, 2011

blues brother castro + surfer blood

blues brother castro @ melkweg, 11 mar 2011

blues brother castro

at the weekend i discovered my new favourite dutch band, quite on the off chance. i wasn't sure about going to the gig but the fact i could check out a band at (the?) melkveg in amsterdam, another new venue for me, swayed it. and the fact it would be the first time i could cycle to a gig now i have been reunited with a new(to me) bike. so off i peddled.

glad i got there to see the support band (which in itself was nice addition, cos most times in the little room upstairs at paradiso - where i've seen most of my amsterdam gigs thus far - you don't get a support band). and now i'm hooked. i need to find out a bit more about blues brother castro - was this their first gig for a while? dunno. i did discover they have a new album out at the start of next month and i hope to check them out again soon, when i hopefully will get some better shots. i like some of the photos in the set, but most of them could have been better* (not that i'm blaming the lights but... ahem... the lights weren't that great...).

[*see earlier comment (in the band of horses blog entry) about not shooting great of late. am i out of practice or am i just adjusting to new venues? i am pretty much used to one venue in recent years...the oh so brilliantly lovely brudenell social club in leeds (my favourite gig venue for many a year), and of course the reason i hung out at the brud so much was down to the fantastic nathan for getting so many brilliant gigs. hmm.. anyway, i digress. but i do wonder which will become my favourite venue in amsterdam, i've not discovered them all yet though, so it's too early to say.]

right, anyway, here are a couple more shots:

blues brother castro

blues borther castro

full set on flickr here

surfer blood @ melkweg, 11 mar 2011

surfer blood

i think i've tried to see the main band - surfer blood - once before in leeds once but i couldn't get in cos it was too busy. so i'm glad i checked them out this time, but now i've seen them once, i probably won't be seeking them out to see again. not that i didn't enjoy the gig... i actually knew more songs than i thought i would (which after never really listening to them much online, i'm not sure how), and i thought they did a great job. loved the little walkabout in the audience too... but they just sounded a little too much like weezer for me.

surfer blood

surfer blood

full set here 



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