Wednesday, June 13, 2012

wooden constructions album launch

wooden constructions is a post-punk-indie-disco (esque) amsterdam-based band. not sure when i first heard about them, but ever since then, i've been wanting to see them play. first there was a cancelled record store day appearance in amsterdam, then i missed their daytime appearance at LGWMD but i sure wasn't going to miss the intriguing evening that they had planned for the album launch last night.

'people now people' - actually released by subroutine in early may - would be celebrated in style in a mexican-flavoured party, replete with its national dance troupe (before the gig), piñata (during the gig) and mariachi band (as the gig's encore!). more info on the album launch is available HERE but the short story is that it was all in honour of pablo cuancín (mexican astronaut and choreographer) who inspired not only the album but even before that, was the impetus behind the band's formation (apparently). dancing is the order of the day it seems.

all of what i have heard of the band's story and what i've heard of the band's music makes me want more. and all this without having yet mentioned the frenetic furore of the lead singer, govert meit (a mash-up of ian curtis and sam riley - as himself back in the days of 10,000 things - and mark e. smith). for the closest thing to seeing him in action - take a look at this frame-by-frame capture. a few more shots here:

wooden constructions

wooden constructions

wooden constructions

wooden constructions

the band are amazing to watch. there was so much to take in, i hardly could think about taking photos, so my shots aren't the best. but am happy to have some record of this awesome night - which was my funnest gig in amsterdam yet! big, big smiles all round.

and big thanks also to john for lending me some pennies so i could purchase the lovely vinyl with its outerspace artwork. it has been a very perfect accompaniment to the writing of this blogpost!



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