Sunday, November 20, 2011

cant // blood orange

cant is a band i didn't know much about before going to see, apart from it's chris taylor from grizzly bear's new project. and also i'd only seen the support act blood orange's dev hynes in one of his previous guises also (lightspeed champion) and i also knew nothing of his new stuff. this ended more like a double-headliner show and i loved both bands pretty much in equal proportions. dev was a surprise, in that he started on stage but then meandered into the audience, never seemingly stand in one place for long, happier it seems with his back to everyone.

cant - bitterzoet

cant - bitterzoet

cant - bitterzoet

cant - bitterzoet

blood orange - bitterzoet

more shots from the gig here. and a review (in dutch, so not by me! ;) here.



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