Saturday, December 22, 2007

early shots
i haven't shot any gigs in december - and as i prepare to leave for achill, ireland for the festive season - it looks like i won't be shooting any in leeds this month. although who knows what tonight will bring!

today, however, i did discover my first ever web-space for music photos that i had long since forgotten about.

some good memories/gigs in there - early forward russia gigs, interpol in nyc, and a few gigs at the vine from back in the day including the ace rocks+barbs gig which was on my mum's birthday none-the-less! all the photos on the site are from 2004 and ends with an intimate monte carlo gig at the royal park cellars, who by the way have got an ace new rendition of 'broken heart attack' on their myspace. check it out!


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