Friday, May 16, 2008

noisier gigs on saturdays!
two weeks ago i hung out at 'live at leeds 2008' - had a fun day, although didn't quite get to see as many bands as i should have. this was a city-wide event and i only got to about 50% of the venues. . . started off with eureka machines at the well, then headed to the pit for a long sesh - napolean iiird, dinosaur pile-up (my new fave leeds band it would seem!), the debuts, mi mye, some of i concur and grammatics and then the final 'pit band for me was this et al, who were stormin! then i raced up to the fav (on me tod) to see white rabbits, who i enjoyed thoroughly.

twas a lovely day, and loveliest of all was mi mye. more shots from the day here (and more will be added when i get around to sorting them). . .

and tomorrow it is the turn of the noisy nastyfest at the faversham, where dinosaur pile-up are playing again along with lots of others that i've been wanting to check out.

the full set of dp-up pics from live at leeds is here.

so this will be nastyfest number nine. i've not been to them all - the one last november was my fave so far (some pics + ramblings here). let's see what tomorrow brings. x


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