Thursday, November 20, 2008

leeds / tigers that talked / james yates
i love leeds. especially the mornings as the sun is rising and the city is waking. there are some amazing skies and i often take a mental photo of the city skyline on my bus journey into town (at ridiculous o'clock) and then again on the train out of town (at slightly less ridiculous-o'clock).
and this post is about leeds. leeds bands that i have actually taken photos of in leeds (and not just mental photos). although one of them isn't actually a current resident of leeds, but let's not worry about that...
tigers that talked supported micah p hinson two months ago at the lovely holy trinity church but i only got around to sorting out their pics this month. the first time i saw them (at the faversham) i was quite taken with them and this venue suited them much better i thought. it seems they've been getting a lot of airplay recently which is all good. (i'll save the story about how they might have inspired mine and min's animal-related imaginary record label till another time shall i?)

james yates is the other leeds (non-leeds, now berlin) musician i took photos of recently, this time at the packhorse. james had a ridiculous amount of gear-related wires to sort out, of which there was a great shot as he was setting up (mental photo only). and he had a wonderful red* book with notes, presumably telling him which button to twiddle next. it all looked very complicated and looked and sounded quite amazing. (*i seem to remember it being red, maybe it wasn't.)

more pics from both nights on flickr.


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