Saturday, May 31, 2008

nastyfest ix (& animal collective)
two weeks ago today it was. i enjoyed it. and i saw: spodni pradlo, napolean iiird, paul marshall (no pics tho), slow club, lord auch, a place to bury strangers (not many pics due to the band playing in complete - and i mean complete and utter pitch black darkness for a lot of the set, hehe, ace!), dinosaur pile-up, no age, the mae shi and yeasayer. . . .

there's a collection of shots of all the bands here, and a random selection of shots in one tidy little set here.

most of all i enjoyed the mayhem that was the mae shi towards the end of the day. can't remember much about yeasayer after them. and i missed the madness of monotonix at the start (see pics here taken by fellow photographer gary w).
i also missed headliners in the back room pulled apart by horses who i wanted to see, which was also a bit of a mad set so i heard.

later that week i saw animal collective whose opening song (peacebone) was the the most enjoyable opening song of any set of any band at the brudenell that i've ever experienced - maybe helped along because of the crazy lights that just transported you somewhere else. i didn't shoot any of the gig, mainly cos the lights and the heat and the busyness put me off a bit. would love to see any if anyone did get any photos tho! ta. x


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