Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2008 favourite stuff
two weeks into the new year already hey - blimey, how'd that happen? better be quick with my little retrospective of 2008 then...

i was gonna just list my favourite gigs that i went to, all of which, surprisingly, i actually took photos at. usually when i take photos, i don't really listen to the songs or enjoy the gig as much. i enjoy taking the shots, but that's different. anyway, my favourite gigs (in no particular order) were:

phosphorescent (the faversham, leeds in april)
sigur ros (way out west festival, gothenburg in august)
micah p hinson (holy trinity church, leeds in september)

links to the photos given above. ok, so i didn't actually take many shots of sigur ros, or really that many of phosphorescent. glad i've got some though, as reminders. i did take quite a few at the m.p.h. gig - which certainly didn't affect my enjoyment of the gig, in fact it probably enhanced it...and all cos i was cocooned in a little bubble. i believe i babbled on about this gig here.

but thinking about it - the gig i remember for my favourite set of shots, is definitely the twilight sad gig (upstairs at the library in leeds in march). this gig was noisy noisy down the front (and elsewhere maybe) but i didn't seem to care too much as i was snapping away right next to the speaker... here are a few more shots that didn't feature in the original posting about that gig.

the rest of the set of shots is on flickr.

other favourite stuff:
crazy lighting at a gig - animal collective at the brudenell in may
before-they-got-big gig - fleetfoxes at the brudenell in june
unexpectedly enjoyable gig - these arms are snakes & russian circles at the brudenell in november
venue - the brudenell!



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