Sunday, April 03, 2011


last week i checked out a new band (to me) and a new venue too, OT 301. it used to be a film studio, then a squat, and now a cool place for film, food and music. i also got to hang out with cool people too and discovered new things like a few blogs, such as the octapus windmill site and - in a roundabout fashion - this sparkly new blog (serendipitous indeed!)... and i also had fun watching the understated ducktails man at this lovely subbacultcha gig. it was quite disconcerting, though, every time i looked through the lens (which, admittedly wasn't that often cos i hardly got an photos) and i spotted the 'push bar to exit' and all i kept thinking was, 'but i don't want to leave yet'...


(ha, but of course the sign doesn't even say that! just my mind playing tricks)

i did of course leave at some point, but look forward to heading back very soon.



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