Friday, June 10, 2011

springtime festivals

three festivals in quick succession, all wildly different and all good fun in their own right. the first was a wee festival one sunday in central amsterdam, divided over two venues (paradiso and de balie). the second at parc del forum in barcelona (woo!). and the last in various (and unexpected) venues around amsterdam oost. just a few pics here, with links to full sets elsewhere.

not much to say about this one, except i was glad to get to see cass mccombs, i am oak and thus:owls. plus to get to see my first ever brudenell social club t-shirt adorned in amsterdam (by dan sartain)! :)

cass mccombs

i am oak


i've wanted to go to primavera for years. and i finally decided at the last minute to jet out to barcelona, thanks mainly to the fantastic host katie with whom i stayed, and also octopus windmill for planting the seed in my head (after the luyas gig) that it wasn't too late to sort out a ticket. lots of late nights, bands and sunshine. what more could you want from a festival?  (i didn't think i'd manage to play out until the first metro after the first day of music; i blame frits and tom for that!) the photos i took were snapsots (mainly on my phone) to aide my memory rather than any real gig shots, like this one of TTMOE. a photopass at primavera, now that would have been a dream come true. maybe next year?!

prima day3: saturday

lente uitje
a musical tour of amsterdam-oost: not sure if i live in the lower east side of amsterdam or just the east (oost), but i enjoyed my first dutch hemelvaart public holiday by following a musical and poetrical (is that a word?) tour around my neighbourhood, the line-up of which was mostly secret right up to the last minute. along the way, we discovered performers in living rooms (the first of which we climbed in through the window, the next which was on our street and the third had a hidden oasis), plus a school and fantastic printing works, not to mention the excellent local venue which was the start and end point (deli zeeeburg). just a few shots here; for the full photo-documentation, click the link above.

a musical tour of amsterdam-oost

a musical tour of amsterdam-oost

a musical tour of amsterdam-oost

a musical tour of amsterdam-oost

it was an awesome event. great concept, creat performances, great organisation. i met loads of great people too, all of which i hope to see again soon!



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