Saturday, June 18, 2011

primavera memories

last saturday night was a primavera reunion in amsterdam in my favourite venue (de nieuwe anita) - watching bands that were there and hanging out with people that were there. it was even sunny for a bit and we had pizza outside before the gig and i was swept back to my favourite primavera past-time of spotting famous peeps. in fact, ducktails was the person i saw most times wandering around in barcelona, and who should i spot wander past whilst scoffing my pizza - ducktails himself. and then julian lynch (sans labrador). and probably big troubles, although i didn't actually recognise them.

during the gig, first up was big troubles (the supporting and backing band for the whole night) and altho i sat enjoying their set from the side of the room, i did manage to take one or two shots through the crowd (this pic is my fave of the night actually).

big troubles

next up was julian lunch, who i did see play at primavera, but for some reason i was distracted during his set. so last week whilst watching, i imagined him played in sunny spain, and i finally got it and i drifted off into a dreamy summery haze.

julian lynch

i didn't however get any shots of the headliner ducktails alas (couldn't squeeze my way to the front). so my prima shot will have to suffice, or the set when solo ducktails played amsterdam last time.



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