Sunday, June 19, 2011

ladies who loop

i loved the whole looping thing (technical term?) when its used well. most of the acts that spring to mind at the moment who use it are 'solo' female artists. one of my favourite performers who incorporates this into their set from leeds is fran rogers

fran rodgers

(photo taken a couple of years ago at brainwash festival)

and in recent weeks i've seen a few more - tune-yards being the primary one (playing in leeds tonight!). here she is recording tunes on her wee guitar (?) in amsterdam recently:

there's also bachelorette who i saw playing last night at the subbacultcha night of the north by northwest in an inflatable dome across the river ij in amsterdam.


ha, well...not that you can see her in this pic, as the visuals take over a bit! i wasn't really there to shoot the band but couldn't resist capturing something from the night. her set was over all too quickly.

and i also caught the fusee doree during her set this week (as part of the enigmatic night of musical curated by pfaff) who definitely had a good looping thing going on. again, this was a night when i wasn't there to take photos officially, so i've only got a phone snapshot. great performance all the same!



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