Wednesday, February 18, 2009

women + wonderswan
sub-heading: band names beginning with w
on sunday at the brudenell it was all about the bands beginning with the doubleyou. this got me thinking that maybe i'd never taken photos of bands that began with w. this, of course, is just twonkum though (am making up all the words tonight!) cos when i thought about it (that whould be, when i reminded myself by looking at my flickr) i had actually shot: winter north atlantic, wildbirds & peacedrums, why?, we vs. death and whoresx3... amongst others. so quite a few then.
but this was definitely the first i've shot with TWO bands beginning with said letter in one evening. anyway, not that any of this matters, except to say here are some photos of women (from canada) and wonderswan (from lovely leeds). i enjoyed this gig. sunday night gigs do indeed rule.

(i kinda like this shot even though it's blurry.) for more shots follow the links.
and so ends the story of w. next, the letter x? but first i have to find some bands beginning with x (cos i've definitely not shot any yet).
that is all for now.


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