Tuesday, July 05, 2011

tv on the radio

@ paradiso, 4 july 2011

i first saw tv on the radio at the end of their set from the back of a tent on an early sunday evening (as i recall) at leeds festival a few years back. and that got me hooked. next, i was borrowing my housemate's (or soon to be housemate anyway - thanks whiskas!) album and spinning the vinyl. i got to see them again last night for my first full gig experience... and to think i almost wimped out and didn't even go to the gig due to monday night tiredness. but with some self-determination and friendly encouragement (thanks again whiskas!) i didn't miss out.

tv on the radio

and what i experienced was my favourite gig at paradiso yet (topping the band of horses gig from a few months back). i only mainly know desperate youth, blood thirsty babes (2004), return to cookie mountain (2006), but did manage to listen to a few songs off the new album recently. i wasn't going to take any photos but of course i could resist. just a few here for now until i sort through the rest of them. but i think my photos got particularly shaky once staring at the sun came on due to my dancing actions.

tv on the radio

the above shot possibly being one of them... cos it is shaky/dodgy/not quite right. but i still kinda like it. and it also reminds me of staring at the sun, although i don't think it was actually taken during that song...

but after that, i thought it couldn't get any better but it did! from the opening song (young liars) to wolf like me, it was all immense. the first song of the first encore was one of my quiet faves - a method - with antwerp-based band (white circle crime club) joining tvotr on stage, adding extra beats and hand claps and cymbal hits and tambourine jangles.

tv on the radio

tvotr. immense. i danced, i sang and at times i screamed (for more). but after the second encore they went home. and i cycled home whistling a happy tune.



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