Wednesday, March 18, 2009

february outings: the durutti column, crystal stilts and passion pit
february was quiet enough to start with, then i had a flurry of gigs in the second half of the month - in fact, probably more precisely, in the last week. from established bands to new kids on the block (sometimes sounding like old bands), i hadn't actually heard much music from any of these before the gigs.

the first (and most likely not the last*) factory band to play the beloved brudenell in recent times (ever?) - the durutti column - had a loyal following, plus an annoyingly young girlfriend of mr vinny riley onstage, and a slightly crazy drummer. Support came from the declining winter (alas, no shots), but there is a review of the gig here. (*rumours abound that another certain band has been booked; there's a clue there, innit!)

next came crystal stilts. droneyness abounds, which i enjoyed so much on the night i bought the album. (of which, by the way, track 7 reminds me of jens lekman...) there is a review of this gig here.

and the month was ended on a busy friday night gig, which was pretty much the antithesis of the crystal stilts gig in some ways... i missed the first band (bearhands), except when they invaded the stage later. shame i missed 'em as i heard good things about their set. the next band was hockey, who i really didn't care for. then came passion pit, who i enjoyed but have no recollection now what they even sounded like. must have a listen online somewhere.

it all got a bit wooaah crazy, in "it's the last night of our tour with one of our support bands so lets have a stage invasion with a bear" kind-of way.... and why the hell not indeed.

more shots from all the gigs, all of which were at the brudenell, on flickrooni. am beginning to wonder, will i venture to any gigs that are at other venues in leeds this year? am thinking, yes...surely at some point. i almost went to a gig in a house tonight (i really wanted to see sleepingdog) but i ended up chained to my computer.



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