Friday, June 19, 2009

i think it might be somewhat of a travesty that i have lived in leeds for almost nine and a half years now and until just under a month ago i had never been to ilkley moor. i blame this on the fact i thought ilkley moor was really isolated and thus not compatable with public transport. how wrong i was! a quick hop skip and a jaunt on a train and a ramble up a road or two and you are transported to another world, which is isolated and bleak and quite a landscape for countryside not 30 minutes (on a northern rail train) outside of leeds.

this outing was primarily for a photoshoot with the man (paul elam) behind the music (fieldhead), but it was also a chance for me to see the graffiti/engravings from 1852! wow, eh? (evidenced in the first pic here, although not sure what date the 'tom rhodes' graffiti is from). it was good to get out and have a bit of an explore. most of the time paul was up the hill ahead of me (as evidenced in the second pic).



there are gigs upcoming from fieldhead and recordings on the way too. more can be obtained from this here link here.


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