Wednesday, June 10, 2009

in reverse order: phosphorescent / deerhunter / cursive / the twilight sad
in the reverse order of gigs i shot last month, that is how this post is laid out. i seemed to take photos of a few bands, even though it felt like i went weeks without a gig. i managed to squeeze a trip to stockholm in-between the music (although unfortunately there were no swedish gigs) and also a promo shoot on ilkley moor - more on that another time.

so yes, on almost the very last night of may, the penultimate night in fact, i ventured to another city and a new (to me) rather wonderful venue. the deaf institute in manchester. with bird wallpaper, lots of old speakers above the bar and the most enormous glitterball, i had heard good things about this venue and i wasn't disappointed. the gig was phosphorescent who i had seen last year in a solo show in leeds (one of my fave gigs of last year). this time there were more beards and more of a country-feel (what with a recent album of willie nelson songs). an equally amazing gig with another awsome take on cocaine nights. quite a live experience. (more pics)



the week before it was the deerhunter gig at the brudenell with stripy visuals inducing wonderful shadows. a bit of an odd gig. both times i've seen deerhunter i can't seem to remember what the music was like and i wouldn't ever be able to describe it to anyone. i enjoyed the gig - i even enjoyed the banter that lead singer bradford cox was sharing with the audience, although i did get a bit bored by the end and (disappointedly) left before he called his mum from the stage... (piczellate)


and before that was the leeds leg of the stand and dagger festival. with some top line-ups at various venues around leeds, i only got to see two bands at the brudenell. the headliners were cursive who i last saw playing leeds met a couple of years ago. shame my friends had left before the end so i haven't had anyone confirm (or not) that i heard a beyonce riff at some point...and they aren't the sort of band you'd expect to be playing beyonce, hence needing the confirmation. (want more?)

cursive - stag & dagger (leeds)

cursive - stag & dagger (leeds)

and before them at stag and dagger was the twilight sad. the full set of photos is on flickr. here are two of the shots from the gig which are red-light-ridden and i surprisingly actually like them. my fave none-red-lit shot from the gig is probably this one.

the twilight sad - stag & dagger (leeds)

the twilight sad - stag & dagger (leeds)

note to self: do more blogging so that it doesn't end up with a whole months of gig pics in one post again! not that i'm expecting to see many gigs to get shots to talk about this month anyway - in fact, maybe i won't even get to one solitary gig - but i will have some photo news so i will be back.



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