Sunday, March 22, 2009

marmaduke duke: blood, sweat and feathers
marmaduke duke are "the atmosphere" and "the dragon", plus pals. i didn't know anything about them until the day of the gig when i read about them in the metro and then i found out some friends were going, so i ended up joining them at the brudenell that night. (more background on them in this DiS interview)
it turned out to be a fun gig during which i spied blood, sweat and feathers... and coloured tights...and random masks....and lots of other stuff too. i didn't spy the lead singer's face, or much of him at all that wasn't his back.

i take it as a failure on my part that i only got one shot from the whole gig where you can actually make out the lead singers' eyes! yes i was probably on the wrong side of the stage for frontal shots, but i was a bit scared about getting covered in blood (one busted nose spied) and feathers (of which there were lots about) if i'd gone over into the scrum.

and just as he took off his mask and unveiled himself, my battery died. typical!


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