Tuesday, July 19, 2011

olafur arnalds

on sunday, i was lucky enough to be one of the 50 people that got into the intimate and magical show in a 500+ year old house on a sunday afternoon in nijmegen with the magnificent olafur arnalds, during his time as artist-in-residence at festival de affaire. it was his second ever solo show (the first being at midnight the evening before) and there was improvisation and audience participation and some bits that maybe didn't work (i didn't hear them) and lots of bits that definitely did. and it was pretty fantastic it has to be said. it was the first time i'd seen olafur in the flesh and - in a way - i'm kinda pleased it was this completely stripped down affair for my first live interactions. yes, i look forward to seeing a big (not too big ideally) show with the strings by his side soon enough but hopefully more solo stuff too. i wasn't sure if i'd have preferred to be at the spooky midnight show instead but i'm happy now that i was there on the sunny sunday, with the light streaming in the window behind giving the few shots i took a ethereal quality. perfectly wonderful it was.

olafur arnalds @ de affaire

olafur arnalds @ de affaire

olafur arnalds @ de affaire

more shots from festival de affair in nijmegen in my full flickr set - was very pleased to get to see the black atlantic, james vincent mcmorrow and pien feith as well - all were ace too!
UPDATE: can't wait to see olafur again - next time in reyjkavik at the iceland airwaves festival. it's now booked!


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