Saturday, August 06, 2011

double dutch dose of chad vangaalen

in amsterdam this week, we were treated to not one but two chances to soak ourselves in the tunes of the wonderful artist and dreamer chad vangaalen.

i had been looking forward to his show that would mark the start of this european tour ever since my friend nathan back in leeds began raving about chad's new album diaper island. and imagine my delight when i discovered that, in addition to that date, chad would be exhibiting artwork and animations in the andenken gallery here in town and would be playing a solo acoustic show to boot at the exhibition launch. so thanks to this, i also discovered about a wonderfully ace gallery and anyone in amsterdam should check out the exhibition which runs till 21st august.

chad is pictured in a couple of shots above with hyland, the gallery owner, having his first perusal of the 'zine that was put together of his artwork for the exhibition.

after wandering around the exhibition, it was time for some tunes on the 'stage' with its interesting backdrop and secret door!

chad vangaalen

chad vangaalen

chad vangaalen

and the very next night it was chad's gig at bitterzoet. a far cry from the light and airy acoustic exhibition setting, the gig was dark, sweaty and rock-out guitary. just walking into the gig i chatted with someone who'd been there the night before and i was saying how i pretty much knew already which one of the two gigs i would enjoy most. but how wrong i was! i really loved the electric chad too. and still i can't decide which was my fave.

chad vangaalen

chad vangaalen



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