Saturday, July 21, 2007

angus and julia stone
i found out about angus and julia stone thanks to the fantastic photographer daniel boud (see
here) and i first got to see them at the brudenell a few months back. it was a beautifully-laidback sunday night gig. i didn't take any photos. i had my camera with me but i didn't want to intrude on the intimacy of the gig.

i saw them again last week in my favourite room in leeds (upstairs at the adelphi). it was a momentous day for me (for reasons not explained here), so i was pleased to be able to capture some shots of the gig from that day. a few more a&j fans came out of the evening too. so all in all, a good day.

a few more shots from the gig here. x
drum pedal snappin

saw marnie stern the other night with zach hill on drums. fun gig! spectacular also when the bass drum pedal broke and hit the cymbal which went flying through the air!

the smily marnie:

one or two more here