Thursday, April 30, 2009

the declining winter
this entry has nothing to do with the clement whether we've been having in the north of england recently (amid the rain). it's about the other band i shot this month before they headed out on their first (?) european tour (taking in parts of france, luxemburg and belgium). i got to witness (and interrupt, when i knocked a lead out of an amp) their rehearsal before they headed out on the road.

the declining winter

a few more shots here.

i also took some promo shots during the same session (it turns out pudsey beats paris for a photo shoot any day!) which may well appear somewhere soon but will keep under wraps for the moment.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

april happenings
spring has arrived. and with it, i wasn't inspired to do any spring cleaning, but i did get the d.i.y. bug - and not of the diy gig variety.... (talking of which, i wonder how emily's thesis went - wonder if we'll get a peek any time). i did manage to get to a few gigs in april, mainly quiet stuff. although it went out with a bit of a bang. BLK JKS from johannesburg. they got my toes tapping and my chops asmiling. which was mainly the drummer's fault.
blk jks

what else...
i really enjoyed, loney dear + snowbird (stephanie dosen/simon reymonde) + fran rodgers. loney dear was teaching us to sing in this shot. i don't mind a bit of audience participation sometimes.

of the support acts, stephanie dosen was a bit bonkers (between songs).

and fran was lovely; her set didn't quite bring me to the verge of tears like it did last october time (very raw.... you had to be there!), but then, that's ok. i don't usually want to cry at gigs. and i do generally manage to avoid it in fact.

hmm. there was also broken records and the leisure society sometime earlier in the month (not on the same night). ok i thought, not overly blown away.

although other people are obviously impressed with TLS.