Thursday, June 19, 2008

fleet foxes & scandinavian festivals. . .
after almost being scuppered at the last minute (due to not buying a ticket to the gig before i went to london for a week), i did actually manage to get sorted and make it to the fleet foxes gig this sunday just gone, and how glad i am that i did! not sure what i was expecting as i hadn't heard much from them beforehand but it was a wonderful gig. great songs, fabulous harmonies and the band seemed to be having fun on stage - which i don't think i've seen for a while really.
beach house, who were on first, were mesmerising with vocals reminiscent of mazzy star/hope sandoval at times (i seem to remember). they were so mesmerising i forgot to take photos (and the lighting was a bit rubbish which didn't inspire me to snap). it wasn't much better for fleet foxes - a random shade of blue which gave the band a deathly appearance so it seems now looking at the shots; although it didn't feel like that at the time.
more photos here. obligatory vinyl was bought after the gig of course, as is usually the case with gigs i enjoy this much (although phosphorescent is still my highlight of the year so far).
this gig has got me more excited now (if that's possible) for my scandinavian trip this summer. during one week in august, i am heading to oya festival in oslo for a day and then heading down to göteborg for the way out west festival - where i will get to see fleet foxes again and some other bands i've seen recently - iron & wine and the mae shi to name but two - as well as getting to see some bands for the first time - in particular sigur ros. and have just discovered that grand archives are also playing (i think? i saw something about them on the festival website but it's in swedish so not sure what it actually says). i cannot wait!
although there are lots of leeds gigs to look forward to before then, and after then too (i have already got my ticket for micah p hinson at holy trinity church in september). cool. x

Thursday, June 05, 2008

bradford music week
this happened last week. some pics:

a few more from 'the hop' on 31 may and the lightspeed champion gig on 29 may here and here. x