Wednesday, March 31, 2010

march blasts from the past

march was finally the month that i blasted the cobwebs from my camera and i took to the brudenell to shoot some bands. (i had a bit of a slow start to the year i guess when it comes to gigs and stuff.) this was also the month there a couple of blasts from the past, mingled in with first-time encounters with a couple of bands.

hidden cameras + milk white white teeth
first of all it was the (happy) hidden cameras (from canada). i first saw these lot some time in 2006 at joseph's well. and a happy gig it was! that gig was back in the day i was shooting film and before the time i had a blog or used flickr to display my shots. but i have discovered i have posted some shots from that first hidden cameras gig on here when i started up my blog (see here).

last week's gig at the brudenell was equally fun and had me dancing around by myself (well, along with all the other souls at the gig too). i think there were a couple people missing from the line up (hence maybe why they ended up getting a regular joe from the audience to play tamborine at one point) but there was one new addition - an wavey-chinese-cat-thing. not sure what that was about, but it got in a couple of shots anyway.

supporting was milk white white teeth (from the north east of the uk). my first time seeing them and i enjoyed them.

more pics of the hidden cameras HERE and more milk white white teeth HERE on flickr.

youthmovies + honour before glory
another blast from the past was youthmovies. this was to be there last ever gig in leeds. not sure how many times i saw these guys over the years. definitely when they played the transmission all dayer at joseph's well in april 2005 and then again in october 2006 when they played with redjetson at the brud. just looking back at my early blog post, which includes a couple of shots of them, i also saw them at truckfestin 2006! (see here) the gig was good and i'll let trev off for turning the lights down on me (at the band's request it must be said) cos i had managed to get some shots in by then. twas fun at the end of the set when they invited a couple of people up to play a guest slot - including a very smily whiskas (seen in action here).

supporting was honour before glory (the full band) and they were ace. this was my first time shooting the full band, altho not the first time seeing them (they unearthed the full line-up at a headlining free gig last month, with fran rogers and hani montoya?? - can't remember the correct name of katie's band at the mo! - supporting, but alas i have no shots). honour before glory is whiskas with pals; photos from one of his solo shows last year is here.

more youthmovies pics HERE (including a couple of old ones) and more honour before glory pics HERE.