Thursday, December 12, 2013

nordic songtresses

this month so far, it's been all about nordic songstresses.
at the start if december, i featured three lovely ladies (and their bands) with these tracks on the radio:
-sumie nagano (SE) - show talked windows
-ice cream cathedral (DK) - an armful of rubies 
-therese aune (NO) - in my quiet place

&  then a few days ago, i wrote an article about therese aune's album, an extract of which is below:

therese aune: billowing shadows, flickering light
Therese Aune (photo courtesy of artist)
Therese Aune is a musician who hails from Norway. Her voice has a haunting quality, that also soars with cinematic grace before taking dramatic twists and turns. These changes of direction are evident on a number of tracks, with my stand-out being ‘In My Quiet Place’. This has all the elements of a track to accompany a film sequence of running through a Nordic forest in a snow storm, which is almost precisely how the video captures it, except the running is swopped for cycling and the forest for a fjord in the rain. I wouldn’t mind that being my quiet place to escape to, or any of the locations that feature in the video actually (which all can be found around Stavanger, in southern Norway).

(a full version of this article can be found on NV here)