Saturday, October 12, 2013


sometimes i wonder how i started writing for a nordic-related (dutch) website (NV), and how i became a nordic correspondent for a (uk) radio show (OFPM). but hey ho, probably best not to analyse these things...  altho that is exactly what i have been doing recently whilst pondering about my nordic musical choices, which will be published only somewhere soon (edit: now available here).

i go to iceland soon, getting excited already! post-trip report on my return.

oh, & i've done some interviews with icelandic artists recently, for NV:
available now: peter ben
coming soon (edit) online too: tilbury

altho of course i do also cover the other nordic countries, and sometimes i share the same bands on both the radio & website - after all, my contributions to both are about new discoveries i make, so why be selective for one community. it's all about sharing the nordic love!

for instance, I wrote about postiljonen (NO/SE) last month (here), and i featured them on the radio back in august. & in the same show, i also shared the sounds of tempel (SE) who this month i interviewed for another website (the reykjavik grapevine's website for iceland airwaves music festival) which will be online soon (another edit! go here for the interview!).

all my articles for NV can be found here:

& all my selections for the OFPM* radio show can be found here (just the songs, none of my babbling):

*Orange Flavoured Pipe Machine is the radio show that airs every friday night at 10pm GMT on Sine FM (available online/via tunein app) with the super dj jon kelly at the helm. i take over the airwaves for about 20 minutes on the first friday of every month. the shows are also available to listen again here:

& that is the end if this nordic broadcast! :)

tilbuy, one of the bands that i played on my very first OFPM appearance! :)