Thursday, February 06, 2014

finnish february

february is so finnish, i gave it a hashtag.


(go search for it in twitter and see if i'm not telling the truth)  (ok, so i did, and i didn't even find my usages of it... doh... but there are a few tweets that still remain with my invented hashtag!)

so, after having written about the new album of delay trees (a band from finland) for NV at the end of january (see here), this inspired me to focus all my attention on finland during february. for the OFPM show this week (on fri 7 feb), the tracks i will play are gonna be from finnish-only bands, and actually features bands all off the same helsinki-based label (soliti):

-black lizard (FI) - desolation kids
-delay trees (FI) - the howl
-black twig (FI) - pastel blue

then, on the saturday night of this very weekend (8 feb), i am going to see this man playing. that man being spencer krug aka moonface, who currently resides in finland.
post-gig edit: this gig was my favourite so far of this year (not that i've been to many!), and mr krug didn't disappoint delivering one of my favourite albums of last year. it's been stuck on repeat even moreso since seeing it performed live.

now the question remains, will i get to see this band live this year:

(and no, the rest of february wasn't particularly finnish, but at least it got off to a flurry at the start)