Sunday, September 14, 2008

end of the road festival bands
i didn't get to go the end of the road festival (which is happening this weekend in dorset) but i did manage to catch one or two of the bands who are playing when they stopped off in leeds en route southwards.

the first was micah p hinson who i saw at the start of september.
i've been wanting to see him play, since last time he played this very same venue (holy trinity church) and i couldn't get entry to the gig (despite my best efforts), and i wasn't disappointed. i thought this gig was awesome, although i'm not sure if it was because of my unique experience. it was a sold out gig in this rather unusual venue (a still-used-for-worship-church), with the pews packed. but i sat on the floor at the front of the pews with my camera - the pews were high enough that i could move around and not be seen - which is kinda how i like it, so i don't disturb anyone. at times though it felt it was just me and the band and i'd sit there not quite believing michah p hinson was singing his tales of love and woe, literally, right in front of me! (and tigers that talked from leeds supported; pics.)

just over a week later, i saw wildbirds & peacedrums at the brudenell, where i'd seen them play a few months before. i also got to see them in sweden in a dark, sweaty club (see here) only last month and, i'm not sure if it's because i've seen them in quick succession, but at this gig, the duo didn't seem to have quite the same impact on me as they had the first time at the brudenell. . . it was still exceptional though. (i also saw support acts peter broderick and seabear. no photos tho.)

then this friday it was the turn of jason molina (of songs: ohia and magnolia electric co. fame). whiskas put on the gig and i thought it was quite appropriate that the only jason molina song i actually have is 'farewell transmission' (on the end of the road festival cd from plan b). anyway - so i don't have much of his stuff, and don't know many of his songs, but that didn't matter. he was mesmerising.

more shots on flickr.