Friday, May 18, 2007

10,000 things & joy division
the first reviews about the new joy division film by anton corbijn hit the news today. the film stars sam riley - lead singer of 10,000 things. this was this band that inspired me to take up my camera and start shooting bands. that was about 5 years ago and here are a few shots from the archives . . .

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Activity! (& the rest of 2006 in gigs)
I have decided to finally make use of this blog which i first adopted a couple of years back but have done nothing with until now. i usually just use my myspace blog - but that gets rid of posts over time and so i wanted to have a more of a permanent record. so this blast of posts has been me doing some backdating. and here are the final shots now which i posted to myspace during 2006 which have since been lost to the ether.

I would do it in chronological order but don't think my memory is that good. . .instead, here it is kind-of alphabetically: barzin at the brud, be your own pet at the pit, clap your hands say yeah at sheffield leadmill, giant drag at the well, gregor samsa at the brud, iliketrains at the fav, shut your eyes at nastyfest, at tapes'n'tapes at the fav, the noisettes at middlesbrough music live and let's finish of with the russians at truck!
dttr compilation pics
just uploadomg some of my photos from the dttr compilation launch for 'something i learned today' to my flickr. this was an all-dayer at the cockpit featuring a number of bands that feature on the album.
a couple of the bands are featured here for your viewing pleasure.

i shot cursive the other month supporting the wonderful russians. i love their song 'big bang' and i'm pretty sure this shot was taken during that song. pretty hard to hold the camera still whilst 'dancing' . . .

damn arms, ratattagg, menwomen&children
these are some of the recent bands that i have shot.

more piccety pics on my flickr.
i have had a photographing frenzy in february (for me anyway), including: international trust, whoreswhoreswhores, we vs. death, the early years, troubles, pull tiger tail, the pigeon detectives, ratattagg, damn arms and menwomen&children (who had bubbles!). dont think i've forgotten anyone??

burn to shine
i loved the first dvd. but it did make me cry. number two distressed me at the end but it didn't make me quite so sad. what will happen with number three?
suppose i'll have to get it and see.

new year, old photos [hidden cameras, my latest novel, napolean iiird]
hooray again - my camera is now fixed! and a new one might be on the way. but we'll see about that. here are some pics from one of the last gigs i shot at joseph's well last year. twas fun. hidden cameras, my latest novel and napolean iiird - as is fairly self-explanatory from these pics.

unwed sailor
hooray - i can now scan again! so am getting some of the backlog of photos scanned in, e.g. one from a gig at the lovely brudenell last month:

alas, my trusty s.l.r. was laid to rest on brooklyn bridge (or a rather important part of it was), so i might not be shooting gigs for a while. before it died though i took lots of photos of some witches fingers - as can be viewed in my pics and on my flickr pages (nyc pics).

truckfest 2006
i have lots of photos to scan (yes i am old school me) but my scanner's lead has fallen out and i can't find out where to plug it in. there's too many wires. ya'd think i'd be able to work this out. we shall see. meanwhile here are some tasters from truck9 way back in the summer. more here.

i was once in this bands fan club. never been in any other bands fan club.


the leeds festival 2006
scaras & napoleaniiird were my highlights on the topman stage. other highlights forwardrussia (for packed tent action!), kaisers (for silly dancing and singing), primal scream (for not expecting much and lovin it), tv on the radio (for aceness!).

some other things i saw:

FRI: tapes n tapes, FR, sky larkin, whiskas on a stick, bar, good shoes, the research, snowfight in the city centre, klaxons, the kooks, (stupidly forgot about youthmovies), pearl jam, 2manydjs, bar, silent disco!

SAT: duels, fields, pigeon detectives, dashboard confessional, long blondes, scaramanga six, bar, o'fracas, sunshine underground, napolean iiird, bar, secret machines, howling bells, kaiser chiefs, primal scream, bar, partyparty.

SUN: giant drag, shut your eyes and you'll burst into flames, the cribs, bar, the lodger, the fall, clap your hands say yeah, rain, tv on the radio, arctic monkeys, bar, raconteurs, nouvelle vague, tilly and the wall, bar till the soggy end.

more pics can be found here (bands) and here (peeps).

¬°forward, russia! from summer 2005
been updating a load of old ¬°forward, russia! to my flickr pages recently. this is one of my favourite sets - taken last summer at the cockpit in leeds.