Sunday, January 27, 2008

new year, new website?
well. . .not quite. but tinkering has begun, so at some stage this year it might finally get developed. some time ago i had an idea for the site which never quite got off the ground. am hopin it will this year. the idea comes about from my love of mix-tapes/cds and am putting together a few that will cover a selection of the bands i have shot in the last couple of years. . . the 'original' compilation cover which adorned the holding page of for many months/years? is here:

this has now been replaced by the 2006 compilation cover:
i am now working on the content of the 2007 mix-cd. . .

and in the meantime i have shot my first band of 2008 last week, finally (why is it so hard to get out and take photos at the start of the year?) . . . the one and only band i took photos of at this gig (at the faversham on thursday) was of leeds band 'held by hands':

more from their set here. the headlining band was 'tigers that talked' - twas the first time i'd seem them and i really enjoyed just listening to them. photos can wait for another time. . .i have a feeling i will see them again.