Monday, October 11, 2010

take root festival

i had such an eventful weekend in september when i headed to amsterdam, first to meet up with my friend who was flying in from zurich (actually, first to have a job interview... and the rest is history, woo!). then we headed to groningen on the saturday for the take root festival, which was a feast of americana. i've not edited all the shots yet (and no doubt, won't for quite some time, knowing me), but here is one shot of each of my favourite performances.

iron and wine - take root festival

damien jurado - take root festival

musee mechanique - take root festival

caitlin rose - take root festival

romantica - take root festival

for quite some years now (well, two, but only one is documented in this blog), phosphorescent have come out top on my own personal favourite-gig-of-the-year poll. and, boy, did i enjoy them at take root... but - not quite as much as usual (think it's cos i didn't know any of the new songs - or cos i loved the willie nelson covers album too much that last year's gig in manchester was just not going to be topped)...

and my favourite act at take root would have taken a lot to top. iron & wine was simply stunning. i've seen him play before, but with the full band i think and i wasn't overly impressed. one man and his guitar, with funny stories in between, really gave quite an emotional show. (i'm sure damian jurado may well taken the top spot if i'd seen his whole set - i only caught the last song and that was quite something. can't remember now who he clashed with - but i can remember this one last song, with the subsequent standing ovation. i'm thinking i know now which band i should have got the whole set of.)