Monday, February 23, 2009

northerner shoot
up till now, i've not done many band shoots that have not been in a gig situation (those i have done i can probably count on one hand....) but on the eve of this 'new' year (is it still new? not sure) i went to a foggy and frosty bit of yorkshire with martin cummings - aka northerner - and we took some promo shots for his new album which is out today on home assembly music. entitled 'the ridings' it is a beautifully crafted piece of work with not one but two cds including a whole other cd of remixes by the likes of the declining winter, fieldhead and winter north atlantic. and if that wasn't enough, there is also a limited edition set of postcards (featuring a couple of my shots) available for the quickest online-orderers....

a couple more shots from the shoot on flickr.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

women + wonderswan
sub-heading: band names beginning with w
on sunday at the brudenell it was all about the bands beginning with the doubleyou. this got me thinking that maybe i'd never taken photos of bands that began with w. this, of course, is just twonkum though (am making up all the words tonight!) cos when i thought about it (that whould be, when i reminded myself by looking at my flickr) i had actually shot: winter north atlantic, wildbirds & peacedrums, why?, we vs. death and whoresx3... amongst others. so quite a few then.
but this was definitely the first i've shot with TWO bands beginning with said letter in one evening. anyway, not that any of this matters, except to say here are some photos of women (from canada) and wonderswan (from lovely leeds). i enjoyed this gig. sunday night gigs do indeed rule.

(i kinda like this shot even though it's blurry.) for more shots follow the links.
and so ends the story of w. next, the letter x? but first i have to find some bands beginning with x (cos i've definitely not shot any yet).
that is all for now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

gregor samsa in leeds again
gregor samsa (not to be confused with some bloke called gregory or the leeds band called samsa) hail from nyc or thereabouts and i first saw them at the brudenell in 2006 at a gig with a rather superb line-up for a quiet sunday night gig in the month of may. support came from barzin, once we were, hooray say the roses and palo alto. it has to be said, i was secretly quite excited when i heard last year that they were heading back to leeds.
gregor samsa, ca. 2006:

this time around it was a friday night gig on a cold night in january, in the same venue, although not with quite the same atmosphere. the first band of the evening sketches didn't quite set the scene as well i didn't think.... (i missed the opening act). i did really enjoy the gregor band though, despite the noisiness from the back (and the lack of visuals this time).
gregor samsa, ca. 2009:

and just a note about the first band i saw play this year (at the cardigan arms on fri 9 jan) - the abc club. it seems i might not get to see them play again? that's a sad fact if it's true (everyone looks sad in this pic tho...did they know something we didn't?!). more pics from the set here.