Sunday, December 06, 2009

have i been spoilt by the brudenell?

two gigs i saw recently at venues other than the brudenell social club, made me wish i was seeing them at the brudenell. now ya'd think i'd welcome a change of venue...don't want to get stuck in my ways n all that. just that when i know i'd have enjoyed the gig more if it had been at the brud, then i'm left wishing that it had been...

grizzy bear + st vincent
not that it would ever have been considered as a potential venue for this gig. but, ya know, if grizzly bear had come to leeds a little while back, i'm guessing they wouldn't have been playing leeds met. instead they'd be at a cosy, friendly local venue and it would have been one of *those* gigs you just *had* to be at... (generally, i'm equating it to having the possibility of being like that sunday night fleet foxes gig back last summer). but then, there wouldn't have been the amazing tea-lights in glass jars set-up as the lighting back drop - so i guess a bigger venue does have some plus points.

in support was the amazing st vincent. i've been wanting to see her for a while but think this was also her first trip to leeds. to be honest i can't quite remember much of this set (that's what happens when you're in the pit snapping), but dj albert freeman has written a blog about this gig over at the bcb radio music blog (see here), which will sum it up better than i could i'm sure.

more grizzly bear shots here, st vincent shots here, and a super little gallery (even if i do say so myself!) on drownedinsound here.

the antlers + yonderboy
the other gig i saw last month, really really really (times a billion) should have been at the brud. what were people thinking? it's the first gig in ages where i've been disappointed (and after looking forward to it so much as well). i don't think it was the band's fault...just the choice of venue. the band was the antlers from brooklyn, whose album (hospice) has been on my music player quite a lot recently. half way through i was left thinking, i wish i was at home listening to the album instead of at the gig. and i would have escaped too if only i could have unsqueezed myself out of the spot i'd got myself into to take photos. and, admittedly, maybe that was why the sound was so bad for me - standing in front of the p.a. probably wasn't the best idea. ah well...i hope they come back at some point, i want to have another chance to see them. the local support band yonderboy were ace!

more pics of the antlers here and yonderboy here.

oh and a band i saw last week who would never play the brudenell was julian plenti - oh but wow, how good would it be if he did! come on nath, see what you can do. ;)