Sunday, August 31, 2008

oya and way-out-west festivals
so i went to norway and sweden at the start of this month for the above two festivals and i had fun. two of my ambitions for this year have been fulfilled; going to scandinavia and seeing sigur ros. more thoughts and photos soon - for now a pretty rubbishy shot tried to make look a bit better. . . (but then again, no shots could have summed up the experience, so maybe it doesn't matter that it's rubbishy).

Saturday, August 02, 2008

seeing bands in norway & sweden
am going to be seeing a fair few bands in both norway & sweden next week at oya (for one day) & way-out-west festivals. although many of the bands are playing both, one of the only bands i'll get the chance to see twice is the mae shi.
fun fun fun!

i might also get to see lykke li at both. and iron & wine. cool. oh, and grinderman. the way-out-west line-up just keeps getting better every time i look at it! just discovered wildbirds & peacedrums are also on. and apparently i once knew that fleet foxes were playing, but i had completely forgotten. aceness!

am sad tho, cos i don't think i'll be allowed to take my s.l.r. into either festival site. so i might have to just take pictures in my head. x