Sunday, July 13, 2008

end of june / early july gigs
recent gigs for me have been rather varied music-wise, which is a good thing. just before glastonbury, leeds had a visitation from seattle-based the cave singers en route to said festival, which they seemed very pleased to be playing. the gig was of a similar ilk to many i've seen this year - quiet and intimate and dark (lighting). there was also spattering of unusual(ish) percussion instruments.

next up was why? at the start of july at the faversham.

and most recently the funnest gig / celebration of the bonsai kittens - for alas, twas their last ever gig. . . there were party bags, cake, balloons, bubbles and silly noses, but no human pyramids.

as usual, full sets on flickr (along with other recent photos of a wedding and a tea dance). am off now for holiday no.1 of the summer. ta ra! x