Sunday, October 26, 2008

october time
i've recently realised that i haven't taken any shots of leeds bands in a while. not that i've not been seeing any leeds bands playing, cos i have. this month i've seen (in chronological order): dinasaur pile-up, napolean iiird, i concur, two minute noodles, forward russia, the declining winter, mi mye, fran rodgers (who was utterly mesmerising), vessels and sky larkin. not sure why my camera never made it out of my bag on any of the occasions that i was watching these bands, possibly because i wanted to take it all in and not get distracted by taking photos . . . (not in all cases, but definitely in some; in others i was just lazy/didn't have the energy to fight through the crowds)
this makes me sad cos it means i can't add any photos to the pool on flickr: - it's a self-imposed rule though, cos i know other people post photos in there of all bands that play in leeds, not just leeds bands, but i don't.
anyway, i have shot a few bands this month. just not leeds ones.

more piccety pics on flickr.