Wednesday, April 02, 2008

the twilight sad
they were excellent last week when they played the on-the-bone night at the library in leeds. this was the second time i saw them - the first being last summer, which for some reason, noone remembered particularly fondly (the band included it would seem). i really enjoyed seeing them this time though.

more shots here. it was loud at the front. and it was good. and i wasn't sad.

i was sad the next day though (for reasons i won't go into). fair to say it was a matter of life and death. which is very aptly and chillingly and uniquely captured in this photo exhibition by german photographer walter schels. very moving.

and now back to the music photos. . . .march was a very slow month with my camera. april and may are looking good tho with lots of gigs coming up. so let's just wait and see how many i get out and shoot!