Sunday, February 26, 2012

nordic vibes

the hatching of exciting stuff is beginning! i've now started working with the lovely 'crew' at nordic vibes ( to promote all cultural nordicness in the netherlands and belgium! and i've started writing my first articles for the website and shot my first gig of the year that has a nordic slant (click on the headings below to go straight to the website features).

so we'll not only be promoting any gigs and new records from bands from all over the nordic regions - so that includes iceland, norway, denmark, finland, sweden (have i missed anyone?) - but are also planning something very exciting ourselves, more on that in due course!

26.02.12: francis (SE): new ep and tou

    //full set of photos from the last time francis played amsterdam on flickr here


      //full set of photos on flickr here

      you say france and i whistle

      you say france and i 

      if anyone has any top musical tips from the nordic regions, i'd love to hear from you. and it is not just music, any design, art, film photography, etc. with a nordic slant that is happening in the netherlands and belgium.