Saturday, October 31, 2009

photos of photos: joy division, the smiths and new order

ok, so this post isn't about my photos as such, but i just wanted to document the amazing exhibition i went to earlier this month featuring the work of kevin cummins. i didn't have any idea what photos would be on show. i expected manchester bands to be featured (because of his new book) but i didn't realise there would be so many iconic shots. i didn't know much about kevin cummins before and still don't really. i haven't read his book and i didn't get to the interview with him that took place in the gallery where the exhibition took place. and what a magical setting that was! the exhibition was in the roof space of salts mill, with its vast expanse and bleakness / peeling paint / rafters it was a perfect backdrop for so many super b&w shots, with even a little hidden 'theatre' will a looping film featuring more of kevin's work. the shots of ian curtis were by far my favourite ... here are some of the pictures i took to capture the exhibition (more here).

the story of how this exhibition came about was interesting. organised by the daughter of the mill owner (davina silver), it turns out her dad used to own a shop in manchester where some of the joy division shots were taken and where ian curtis bought his wedding suit. lovely.